Healthy & Nutritious Food

We have a well equipped kitchen with adequate employed staff members. All ingredients used for the food preparation are of good quality and brand. Our staff ensure the food is prepared and served under proper hygienic conditions. The residents enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Most vegetables are grown in our garden or freshly sourced from local markets.   

Visiting Health Professionals

We have regular visits from medical professionals to monitor our resident’s health. We also have trained staff to take care of residents, if they are unwell or sustain minor injuries. In case of any medical emergency, we have transportation facility to reach the nearest hospital to ensure our residents can avail the necessary care and treatment.   

Recreational Activities

An open auditorium with the latest entertainment system is available, where various cultural events and activities are conducted. We encourage various indoor games and group activities to promote a communal living amongst the residents.  

Cultural Activities & Events

Several cultural programs are organized with the help of schools and other organizations in Nagalapuram to encourage community participation. Family and friends of our residents are encouraged to celebrate special events with their loved ones. Residents are encouraged to celebrate and participate in the local traditions and cultural events.

Safe & Secure Outdoor Spaces

The well maintained gardens in our premises are managed by our staff and residents. Walkways with safety measures are provided to motivate our residents to stay healthy and fit.The garden provides a constant source of fresh vegetables and fruits for our residents. Our residents who primarily come from farming backgrounds are encouraged to bring their experience and knowledge to promote organic farming.  

Near Public Transport Links

Residents travel to local appointments and attend other engagements with the transportation facility available at our premises. Our staff can also avail local cabs for our residents to ensure their safe and comfortable journey. Our premises is well connected with the public transportation facility which helps our residents, as well as their family and friends who come to visit.